The Spirit of Faith Newsletter – January 1981 (Print Edition)

The Spirit of Faith Newsletter - January 1981 (Print Edition)

Bill Bailey Ministries was the name of Dr. Bill’s ministry before Word of Faith Ministries.

“What is… Partnership?”

What is partnership in a ministry? Our front cover graphically depicts Moses, as the young men, Aaron and Hur, hold up his hands. This event, described in the book of Exodus 17:11, 12, shows us what partnership is like. As long as Moses’ hands were raised the people of God were winning. However, when Moses became tired and lowered his hands, they lost the battle. Many times the physical aspects of the ministry are tiring. The financial area can be a burden to the minister of the Gospel. That is why many ministries beg and plead for money continually.

Let’s face it. It does require money to spread the Gospel! I know some do not like to be told that, but it is still true! Radio time does not come cheap. And I’m constantly surprised at the number of people that think that the radio stations pay us to go on the air!

Nothing could be further from the truth! Every area of this ministry, for instance, costs money, the radio outreach, the teaching tapes, our travel expenses on the seminars, even this newsletter that you’re reading, all require financial backing.

Teaching at the Spirit of Faith Seminar in December 1980

Dr. Bill teaching at the Spirit of Faith Seminar in December 1980.

And, as with Moses, one can’t do it alone. This is why the two young men supported Moses; to get the job done! Now, those of you that know how this ministry is run know that I do not make a habit of asking for money. On the contrary, I almost never mention it. But, every year, as the Lord instructs, we designate one month as Partnership Month. During this time we ask that you prayerfully consider what this ministry means to you personally and ask the Lord if He would have you become a partner with us in this ministry.

Paul called Titus his partner in 2 Corinthians 3:23. The Greek word used in this verse is “koinonos“, it means a “sharer and associate.” When one becomes a partner in a ministry, one becomes a vital part of that ministry, a sharer in all that the ministry does. As a partner in this ministry, for instance, you would be an associate and sharer with me as we put out the uncompromising Word of Faith message to this area!

I am a partner in Kenneth Copeland’s ministry. I’m very proud to be an associate and sharer with him. Every time he comes on the air I think, “I’m part of that!” And, as Brother Copeland has said many times, whatever reward that he gets for his ministry, I get as well! This is how God intended that the ministry operate. “For I mean not that other men be eased, and ye be burdened: but by an equality…” (2 Corinth. 8:13, 14) As Paul says here, in his teaching on the financial support of the ministry, he (does not mean that a very few be burdened in their support of Christian ministry, but that there be an equal sharing of the load among all that benefit from the ministry of the Word. Too long ministries have been supported by a mere handful that give a lot every month! How much better if the burden were removed from the few. and we all gave a small amount each month. The Word says that one can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand to flight…(Deut. 32:30) what could we do if thousands of us join together to get this Word out to this area!

If the Lord is speaking to you to become a partner with me in Bill Bailey Ministries, I want you to know several things. First of all, if you feel pressured in any way to give by this article, don’t do it! That’s not why this article was written! If you don’t give cheerfully and without being under any pressure, you won’t be able to receive the hundred fold return that is promised to you. (2 Corinth. 9:7, Mark 10:29, 30) Second, if you are under no compulsion, but simply want to give on a monthly basis in obedience to the Holy Spirit’s urging.

Items of Interest in This Issue

Radio Coverage Map… Photos of our Radio Studios throughout our history (see below)… Photos of our office being built… Photos from the Spirit of Faith Seminar in Winston-Salem, NC (see the photo above)… Dr. Bill’s Tape Catalog

The Radio Studio

This is a photo (at left) of the Radio Studio as it was in 1976 when Dr. Bill went on WSEZ in Winston-Salem, NC. We were on for exactly five months back then.

The Radio Studio

This is the Spirit of Faith Studio in early 1980. Notice we now had a true, radio quality, half track tape recorder. However, the broadcast was still monaural.

The Radio Studio

Here we are 1979! The twenty-ninth of January of 1981 marked our second year of continuous broadcast!

The Radio Studio

Here is a photo of the studio in our new (at that time) office complex, and we had full stereo high quality sound!

Dr. Bill

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