The Spirit of Faith Newsletter – September 1983 (Print Edition)

The Spirit of Faith Newsletter - September 1983 (Print Edition)

The Spirit of Faith Newsletter – September 1983 (Print Edition)

“God Wants You to Prosper!”

Yes, God wants you to prosper in all that you do! But why? Why does God give us all things richly to enjoy? (1 Tim. 6:17) Is it so that we can just enjoy ourselves and get our own desires satisfied? No! We are to remember the Lord our God who gives us the power to get wealth in order to establish His covenant, or His Word! (Deut. 8:18) Many are talking about the revival that we have desired, prayed and longed for. Well, the revival is upon us! Are we, as the Body of Christ, ready to finance the revival? Finance it! Yes, it takes finances for Satellite ministry, sending ministers out into the field, even running a local Word Church! God’s intent is that we, as believers reach the world with the good news- well, the world isn’t going to pay for it! It’s up to us!

How can we reach the world with the Gospel?

The means have been made available – all we do is pray and pay for it! I don’t mean for this to sound hard and harse, it isn’t. It is a great privilege for God to allow us to get involved in bringing the Word to the world! All it means is that we have to be blessed financially, and then in turn bless the ministries that are reaching the world financially.

As we give it is given to us! (Luke 6:38) Why? So that we can give – and receive – and give – and receive… In this way, God is able to bless us- and, more importantly, use us, as channels through which the Word is preached! It is no wonder that God desires above all things that we prosper and be in health. (3 John 2) If we have our physical needs met we can be more sensitive to meeting the needs of others.

God wants you to prosper and be blessed so that you can bless others. If we will get our attitude toward finances straight – we will see blessings come to us in abundance – to use!

Items of Interest in This Issue

Invitation to the Word of Faith Satellite Seminar at Taylors Grove Church… Radio Program Invitation… Itinerary… Tape Offer: “Prosperity: God’s Way!”

Dr. Bill

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