The Spirit of Faith Newsletter – May 1984 (Print Edition)

The Spirit of Faith Newsletter - May 1984 (Print Edition)

The Spirit of Faith Newsletter – May 1984 (Print Edition)

“Texas, Here We Come”

As most of you that listen to the Spirit of Faith Broadcast know, Joy and I are moving to Dallas, Texas. Joy will be working as a scientific programmer with Texas Instruments and I have been promised an opening with Word of Faith World Outreach Center – the church and multi-media outreach ministry that puts on the satellite seminars that we have been featuring each month since we became involved in July of 1982 as a Word of Faith Satellite affiliate. As one of the first one hundred affiliates in the program (#092), I am excited about the opportunity to be associated with Word of Faith in Dallas, TX. Our ministry, Word of Faith Ministries, Inc., is not a division of Word of Faith World Outreach Center or affiliated in any way other than the similarity in our names – both of which come from Romans 10:8 – and the fact that we (Word of Faith in Denton, NC) are Word of Faith Satellite Affiliates. Our ministry name was at one time simply Bill Bailey Ministries, Inc., and we will go back to that when we move to Dallas, TX to avoid any confusion between the two ministries. As I have been announcing on the radio, our move creates some changes and opportunities. Matthew and Beth Shope, our close friends and partners in this ministry, are moving to Dallas as well. Between their generous partnership and what Joy and I have been able to do – the ministry has been supported over the last five and a half years. In fact, 76% of the monthly support of this ministry has been supplied by these few over these years. We don’t begrudge that!

Praise God, it has been a privilege to be able to minister the Word to folks over WLXN each weekday for those many years! In fact, I was told recently that May 15th was WLXN’s sixth anniversary as a Christian station. They went on as a Christian station – May 15, 1978. The Spirit of Faith Broadcast began on January 29, 1979, just seven and half months later! However, our move to Texas, means that we will no longer be able to personally supply the bulk of the finances of the ministry. This does not have to mean the end of the Spirit of Faith Broadcast, however!

Paul said that he did not want some contributors to the ministry eased and others burdened – but by an equality – everyone should collectively supply the need of financing ministries. (2 Corinth. 8:13, 14) The main expense of Word of Faith Ministries, Inc., or Bill Bailey Ministries, is the monthly radio bill. When we started in 1979 the total bill was $270.00 a month. The bill is now $330.00 every month. This is a bargain to reach potentially one and a half million people every day with the Word! If 33 people gave just $10.00 a month the need would be met – if 66 people gave $5.00 a month it would be met – or 330 people giving a dollar a month! Think of it! There are over 1135 people on our mailing list that are reading this newsletter! Just a small percentage of these folks that are interested in this ministry- if they did their part- could keep the Spirit of Faith Broadcast on every day! I would be happy- glad- honored-to continue to make the broadcast tapes and mail them from Dallas, Texas to Lexington, North Carolina… but I can’t do it alone. If you want it to continue, then you must become involved as a regular monthly partner. If not, then you have cast your vote for the Spirit of Faith Broadcast to go off the air on WLXN as of June 15, 1984.

I don’t mean this as a threat or a tactic of some kind to raise funds, it is just the simple realities of paying for the continuation of the radio broadcast. Do you want us to continue on WLXN-FM? Then pray and ask God what He would have you do- faithfully each month. I do want to thank those partners that we do have- some send ten dollars, some twenty, some have written to say that they can’t give financially but have committed to intercede and pray on our behalf. Thank you, so much for your continuing support! To have you stand by this ministry as faithfully as you have means so much! May the blessings of God continue to richly come to you!

I want to send you a tape that I ministered recently at Taylor’s Grove Church in Denton, NC. The title of this tape is – “Are You A Macedonian Giver?” The principles on this tape will help you understand the truths of God’s Word in relation to the prosperity that God has promised is available. You may have this tape by requesting it this month. If you write, be sure to mail your letter by June 1, 1984 for this offer. I will be getting a Texas mailing address for the ministry, but I do not know it at the time of this writing. I will tell you this new address in the next issue of the Spirit of Faith. May God continue to richly bless you!

Items of Interest in This Issue

Invitation to the Word of Faith Satellite Seminar at Taylors Grove Church… Invitation to the North Carolina Fellowship of Word Ministries “Revive the Spirit of America” Convention

Dr. Bill

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