The Spirit of Faith Newsletter – July 1984 (Print Edition)

The Spirit of Faith Newsletter - July 1984 (Print Edition)

The Spirit of Faith Newsletter – July 1984 (Print Edition)

“Reviving the Spirit of America”

Since this is the July-August-September issue of “The Spirit of Faith,” I want to share about something that many folks usually stop and take the time to think about during the July Fourth Holiday – our American heritage and freedoms. There are people who refuse to believe that the United States is, or ever was, a Christian nation. Even Christians have lost the vision of this being a Christian nation! But all you need do is look at history (which is “His – Story”) and see that our country was started by a series of miracles! When I was a child growing up in school, we were taught that – “Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492.” But our teachers never mentioned that Christopher Columbus was a committed Christian that had studied out the origin of his name – which means the “Christ-bearer,” and took it seriously! He believed that he had a revelation from God to go unto “the Indies” to take the Gospel to those lands. Columbus wrote in his “Book of Prophecies,” “…it was the Lord that put into my mind – I could feel His hand upon me – the fact that it would be possible to sail from here to the Indies… there was no question that the inspiration came from the Holy Spirit, because He comforted me with rays of marvelous illumination from the Holy Scriptures…” And what did he say urged him on to discover what he called “the Indies” (actually the land to become known as America?) He went on to say, “…the fact that the Gospel must still be preached to so many lands in such a short time – this is what convinces me.” So we see, God inspired a man of vision to find this land! This was just the beginning of the many miracles detailed in history – but amazingly, never mentioned in public schools – that demonstrates that the Lord has indeed had His hand on this country since its beginnings!

Unfortunately, many people in the United States have lost the vision of our country as a Christian nation. This is due in large part to the influx of secular humanism both as a “religion” and as a philosophy motivating many educators and politicians to remove the Bible and references to God from both our political and social systems. Our children are not being taught this country’s Christian heritage. Secular humanism seeks to eliminate Christianity and the Bible from this country! We, as Christians, must stand up and be counted by registering to vote and then voting! Many “vote their conscience” – well, the time has come to vote our Bibles – not our conscience! Vote in favor of those that take stands against the evils that are creeping into our nation such as – abortion, homosexual “rights,” keeping prayer and reference to God out of our public schools, the efforts of those to strip away our rights and privileges to worship and serve God in every area of life! We must not simply sit back and say and do nothing – if we don’t do something – who will? I am not endorsing any particular party or candidate. I am simply saying that you need to educate yourself to the issues and choice of candidates and then take action by voting for those that are supporting God in our country!

We have a very special tape that we want to send you this month – it is called, “The Scriptural Basis For Patriotism”. As usual we will send this tape out free to those that request it, however, we would remind you that it does cost us the price of the tape, the labeling, the packaging and the mailing of the tape to you, so if God speaks to you about enclosing a gift to help provide this tape to others it would be appreciated! To request this special, informative tape write to:

Spirit of Faith Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 900772
Dallas, TX 75390
All gifts are completely tax deductible, and greatly appreciated
(Note: This address is no longer valid.)

Our current address is: Word of Faith Ministries, P.O. Box 5213, High Point, NC 27262

As I said in the last issue, the Spirit of Faith Broadcast could be continued on WLXN-FM in Lexington, NC only if there was enough support coming in to pay the radio bill each month. I said that I would gladly send the programs from Texas and continue the program if people became partners with us- that we could not do it alone. Had enough people “voted” in this way, the Spirit of Faith Broadcast would still be on every day as it was for five years and five months continuously. But, as you know, the Spirit of Faith Broadcast went off with the airing of the 1400th program on June 15, 1984. Many have said that the broadcast was a blessing to them while it was on. We have listed the topics that were taught in the order that they aired, both in 1976 when we were on WSEZ-FM for a short time before Brother Bill entered the full time ministry, and on WLXN-FM after entering full time ministry.

WSEZ in Winston-Salem (Before Entering Fulltime Ministry)

1976: APR- Condemnation, The Word, The Baptism in the Holy Ghost MAY- Spiritual Gifts, The Occult, Cults JUN- The Human Spirit, Plead Your Case, Our Rights As Believers, Healing, Christian Living JUL- The Dilemma of the Church, The Spirit of Faith, Discerning Truth and Error AUG- Dealing With Habits, Testimony

WLXN in Lexington (After entering Fulltime Ministry)

1979: JAN- Faith FEB- Faith, The Baptism in The Holy Spirit-MAR- Revelation Knowledge APR- Revelation Knowledge, Galatians Chapter Three, Healing MAY- Healing JUN- Doing the Sayings of Jesus JUL- The Sower Sows the Word, Salvation and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit AUG- Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Tongues, Healing SEP- We Always Triumph, Integrity of God’s Word, Confession OCT- Spirit, Soul and Body, What About Job?, The Occult NOV- Healing is Yours!, Three Ways To Be Healed, Ministering Healing To Others, The Force of Patience DEC-Casting Down Imaginations, Revelation Knowledge, Jesus’ Birth

1980: JAN- Planting the Seed of the Word, Partnership Week, Cults FEB- Cults, The Baptism in the Holy Ghost, Why Tongues?, Spiritual Gifts MAR- Partnership, Spiritual Gifts, The Great Exchange, Agreeing With God APR- Faith MAY- Applying the Word, A Christian’s Steps To Answered Prayer, The Woman Question JUN-What is the Human Spirit?, Spirit, Soul and Body, Walking in the Spirit, Living in the New Birth JUL- Walking in the Baptism in the Holy Ghost, What Good is Speaking in Other Tongues?, Using Your Prayer Language, Receiving God’s Provision of Healing, Testimony of Healing AUG- Demons and Angels, Women in the Ministry, Living in Divine Health, Sharing Healing with the World SEP- Effective Prayer, Agreement, Binding and Loosing, Petition and Supplication, Intercession OCT- Intercession, Power Over Satan, Exercising Authority, The Responsibility of Authority, Maturing as a Christian NOV- Piedmont Believer’s Convention Interview, Growing Up Spiritually, The Overcoming Life, Sharing on Faith, The Virgin Birth

1981: JAN- Prosperity FEB- Seed Faith MAR- Faith APR-Traditions: Avoid Them!, Faith: What it is Not!, Piedmont Believers Convention Preview MAY- Healing JUN- Receiving from the Word, Jamaica Missions Preview, Women in the Ministry, Jamaica Missions Report JUL- How To Get Your Needs Met!, Living in the Word AUG- Living in the Word SEP- The Goods News Oct-The Pastor’s Ministry, Power of the Local Church NOV- The Power of the Believer, Power and Authority DEC- The Baptism in the Holy Spirit

1982: JAN- The Spirit Filled Life!, The Sower Sows The Word FEB- You Can Do It!- We Are Winners! MAR- The Glorious Church, Faith: Who Has It? APR- Faith: What Is It?, Faith: How Is It Applied? MAY- Interview: Christian Testimony, Faith: Using Words, Know Those That Labor Among You JUN- Our Attitude of Faith JUL- Fulfill the Vision!, Satellite Partnership, Tapping Into God’s Word AUG- The Baptism in the Holy Spirit SEP- The Mental Battleground, Prosperity OCT- Prosperity, Avoiding Pitfalls in Prosperity NOV- The Benefits of Partnership, Living in Excellence DEC- Satellite Reports, Pursue Your Dream

1983: JAN- Pursue Your Dream, Why Some Christians Fail FEB-Partnership, Satellite Report MAR- Interview: Victory Church, Prosperity is Yours! APR- Commitment, The Life of Faith MAY-The Life of Faith, Channel 20 Interview, Channel 16 Interview JUN- We Are Ambassadors!, Intercession JUL- Pray For America!, Basics of Faith, Consistency AUG- The Right Place At The Right Time!, Prosperity, The Believer’s Benefits SEP- The Believer’s Benefits OCT- Interview: Ron Cohn, Our Attitude with Finances, The Attitude To Have When God Makes You Rich!, Halloween and the Occult NOV- Interview: Dave Roddick, Hope, Interview: Jimmy Holmes and Gary Price DEC- Be Strong In Faith!

1984: JAN- Be Strong In Faith!, Two Kinds of Knowledge, Traditions: Satan’s Strongholds FEB- Traditions: Satan’s Strongholds, Baptism in the Holy Spirit MAR- The Simplicity of Faith, The Spirit of Faith, Thou Shalt Not Worry! APR- Revive the Spirit of America!, The Signs of Spiritual Immaturity MAY-The Signs of Spiritual Immaturity, Are You A Macedonian Giver?, The Word of Faith JUN- The Word of Faith

During Brother Bill’s time of ministry in North Carolina, we had many meetings that he was invited to speak at, or that were sponsored by the Ministry. Below are listed the major meetings that Brother Bill spoke in, with the exception of the many regular church services that he was invited to speak at by many pastors in the Piedmont area.

Major Meetings Since Entering Fulltime Ministry

January 18-20 Spirit of Faith Seminar, Greensboro Coliseum Town Hall Auditorium
December 6-8 Spirit of Faith Seminar, Fayetteville, NC

February 7-9 Spirit of Faith Seminar, Winston-Salem, NC
March 9-15 Spirit of Faith Seminar, Bennettsville, SC
April 21-26 NC Area Campmeeting, Winston-Salem, NC
September 11-13 Word of Faith Seminar, Salisbury, NC
November 17-21 Piedmont Believers Convention, Winston-Salem, NC
December 18-20 Spirit of Faith Seminar, Winston-Salem, NC

March 16-19 PBC Helps Seminar, Winston-Salem, NC
March 23-28 Spirit of Faith Seminar, Albemarle, NC
April 27-May 2 Piedmont Believers Convention, Winston-Salem, NC
June 17-21 Jamaica Missions Trip, Jamaica, West Indies
July 16-18 Spirit of Faith Seminar, Winston-Salem, NC
August 17-29 Faith Tentmeeting, Winston-Salem, NC
September 21- 26 Word Seminar, Jonesville, NC
November 9-14 Piedmont Believers Convention, Winston-Salem, NC

March 16-19 NCFWM Convention, Clemmons, NC
March 29- April 3 Piedmont Believers Convention, Concord, NC
May 13-15 NCFWM Word Seminar, Mt. Airy, NC
June 2-4 Spirit of Faith Seminar, Lexington, NC
June 24-26 Spirit of Faith Seminar, Winston-Salem, NC
July 25-31 WLXN Radio Rally, Lexington, NC

March 13-15 Asheboro Faith Seminar, Asheboro, NC
April 22-23 NCFWM Helps Seminar, Winston-Salem, NC
May 19-21 Concord Believers Convention, Concord, NC
August 25-27 Spirit of Faith Seminar, Lexington, NC

March 22-24 Spirit of Faith Seminar, Lexington, NC

Where do we go from here? Well, as we said last month, the ministry will continue! I firmly believe that we are going to be back on radio and perhaps even television one day! For now I will concentrate my efforts on being faithful and diligent in my staff position at Word of’ Faith here in Dallas! I am involved in the Believer’s Outreach Fellowship program as a home Bible Study teacher and director and doing whatever is at hand to do to get the Word out here in the Dallas Metroplex. As I said earlier, we still need your prayerful support as we continue to publish this newsletter and “Proclaim the Word of Faith!”

Please note that our new address is: Spirit of Faith Ministries, Inc., P.O. Box 900772 Dallas, Texas 75390 (Note: This address is no longer valid.)

Items of Interest in This Issue

Invitation to the North Carolina Fellowship of Word Ministries “Revive the Spirit of America” Convention

Dr. Bill

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