How May I Listen to the Word of Faith Broadcast?

The Word of Faith Broadcast airs on – Word of Faith Internet Radio at 11:30 AM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. – Word of Faith Radio is available at:

We have a convenient “ – Word of Faith Media Player” available here on the web site at the left-hand column of the page. Just click on the “ – Word of Faith Radio” option. By using the “ – Word of Faith Media Player” you may even listen behind your firewall at work. A lot of businesses block ports that prevent you from listening to Internet Radio at work, but our player sends the feed over port 80, the standard port for web traffic.

The Word of Faith Broadcast is also available to subscribe to with your RSS Reader, such as the Juice Receiver for Podcasts at our radio ministry RSS feed, which is:

We trust that you will enjoy, and receive from our Word of Faith Broadcast, which is easily the most popular ministry of Word of Faith Ministries!

Dr. Bill

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