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Our Name is Changing!

Announcing some big changes beginning today, July 30, 2019! At the prompting of the Lord, we are changing our main Web Site, addresses, and programs, to be “Speak Faith!” That is, this Web Site will now be, the URL of will continue to work, but it will be automatically changed in your Web Browser to “!”

Also, the daily radio program, which began in 1976 as the “Spirit of Faith Broadcast,” and later became the “Word of Faith Broadcast” is now: “The Speak Faith Broadcast!” Also, Our video program, formerly the “Word of Faith Netcast” will now be the “Speak Faith Netcast!”

This is exciting, and coincides with Brother Kenneth Copeland’s BVOVN name change to “Victory Network!” It appears that God, Who has always been specific, and interested in names, and changing people’s and programs names to set up their destiny, has plans for us as well! Stay tuned as these changes are implemented in coming days!

Great News! There is Now a Native e-Sword for the Mac!

Apple Mac users now have a native e-Sword for their Macs! It is not free, but it is not that expensive. It is only $9.99! Take advantage of this excellent software to read and study the Word of God!


Click on This Link for more Info!

How May I Listen to the Word of Faith Broadcast?

The Word of Faith Broadcast airs on – Word of Faith Internet Radio at 11:30 AM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. – Word of Faith Radio is available at:

We have a convenient “ – Word of Faith Media Player” available here on the web site at the left-hand column of the page. Just click on the “ – Word of Faith Radio” option. By using the “ – Word of Faith Media Player” you may even listen behind your firewall at work. A lot of businesses block ports that prevent you from listening to Internet Radio at work, but our player sends the feed over port 80, the standard port for web traffic.

The Word of Faith Broadcast is also available to subscribe to with your RSS Reader, such as the Juice Receiver for Podcasts at our radio ministry RSS feed, which is:

We trust that you will enjoy, and receive from our Word of Faith Broadcast, which is easily the most popular ministry of Word of Faith Ministries!

e-Sword is Now Available on Mac and Linux (Using CodeWeavers Crossover)

e-Sword is the VERY BEST electronic Bible, and you know that I use it ALL the time! Well, thanks to a special deal with Codeweavers, you can get a 25% discount off their “Crossover” product to allow e-Sword to work on Linux and on the Macintosh! Neat! Check it out at the link below!

Codeweavers e-Sword Deal

For those of you that use a Mac, or have made the transition to Ubuntu, or other distros of Linux, this is GREAT news, and, of course, Crossover will allow you to use other Windows software as well as e-Sword!

– Dr. Bill

Our Web Site is Now Enabled for Mobile Phones!

Yes, you read that headline right! The Word of Faith Ministries’ Web Site is now “Mobile Device Friendly!” If you navigate to on your Mobile Phone, iPhone, or Blackberry, you will see a “mobile” optimized version of our web site!

One more way to make our content more highly available for you, and your friends and family! Be blessed! (I know that you are!)

How to Subscribe to our Ministry RSS Feeds

RSS (most commonly expanded as “Really Simple Syndication”) is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format. In order to subscribe to an RSS feed or “newsfeed” you will need two things, an RSS reader (also known as a “news aggregator”) and a feed URL (Universal Resource Locator,) or web address, of the RSS feed that you wish to subscribe to.

1) Download (or use) a News Aggregator or RSS Reader, such as the free Feedly Site, or the application “Juice Receiver”

Feedly is available here:

Juice Receiver is available here:

2) Locate the web address (or URL) of the RSS feed (which is an XML, or “eXtensible Markup Language” file) that you wish to subscribe to.

A news aggregator or RSS reader is a software application that collects and displays news headlines and summaries from sources that you have located.

An RSS feed is an XML document that contains the news headlines and summaries.

3) Install the feed reader or news aggregator on the computer, if it is like the “Juice Receiver”, or navigate to your Feedly Account on their web site.

4) Insert the URL of the news feed (there is usually an “add feed” or “subscribe” button within the application.)

5) Many RSS news readers will allow you to set the interval that the software will look for a feed update, while others simply update daily.

6) The information in the feed will be updated when the feed contains new content.

Here is a list of our Ministry RSS feeds:

Word of Faith Video Netcast

Word of Faith Radio Broadcast

Dr. Bill Bailey’s Teaching Messages

The HyperFaith Extreme Faith Blog

The Word of Faith Website RSS Feed

e-Sword – The FREE Electronic Bible!

e-SwordYou have heard me talk about the “Electronic Bible” called “e-Sword” in many of my teaching sessions. I wanted to bring you an encouraging letter that is posted on the “e-Sword” web site from the creator of the software as to why he provides it free of charge to anyone, and everyone!

“‘Freely you received, freely give.’ (Matthew 10:8)

Jesus told us that since we’ve been blessed we should bless others. I am happy to provide a blessing to others in the form of free Bible study software!

As a Bible student and teacher I have experienced the necessary work involved in searching the Scriptures for the competent preparation of a Bible study, Sunday school lesson, or a sermon. There are volumes of books available as study tools (and the Christian community is indebted to the various authors’ perseverance and scholarship), but there is not enough time, money, or shelf space to properly take advantage of these resources. Computer software has changed the way we can study the Word of GOD. With a simple search or click of the mouse button, we now have access to these same volumes of scholarship within seconds!

e-Sword is a fast and effective way to study the Bible. e-Sword is feature rich and user friendly with more capabilities than you would expect in a free software package. The fact that e-Sword is free is just one of the blessings and does not speak of the quality of the software. I make my living writing software and I believe I have put forth my best effort in this endeavor. The real work, however, was put in by the godly men and women who devoted countless years creating the texts that have been made available for our benefit.

In His service,

Rick Meyers”

Bless you, Rick, for your service, and giving heart, to the Body of Christ! I trust that you and your family are abundantly blessed!

You can download e-Sword from Rick’s Web Site at this link:

e-Sword Electronic Bible

If you have a computer, you really need this software!