The Spirit of Faith Newsletter – August 1983 (Print Edition)

The Spirit of Faith Newsletter - August 1983 (Print Edition)

The Spirit of Faith Newsletter – August 1983 (Print Edition)

“More Than Conquerors!”

As believers we are more than conquerors! The Word says in Romans 8:37 that we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us! It would be exciting if we were told that we were conquerors and overcomers. But notice, we are more than that! Brother Copeland tells a story to illustrate this that I can’t improve on – it seems that a great fighter won a prize fight – he was a conqueror! He fought a good fight and he won, he took home his prize winnings – then he gave them to his wife – she was more than a conqueror! She got the prize without the fight! You see, that’s just what Jesus did for us. He came, died, and rose again – He won the fight, then He turned the victory over to us! That is what this verse says. We are more than conqueror; through Jesus.

You might say, “Brother Bill, I just don’t feel like a conqueror, much less more than one!” Well, don’t go by your feelings, go by the Word! Jesus won the battle and was given all power and authority according to Matthew 28:18. Then He turned around and gave us His Name, His Power, and the authority to use it! How do we use it? Through faith in His Name! Notice Mark 16:17, the signs will follow the ones that believe and use His Name. The Word says in 1 John 3:23 that we are commanded to believe on the Name, and love one another.

Our love for others is expressed as we use the authority He’s given us through His Name to lay hands on the sick – and pray for one another. We are told in John 16:23 to ask (or pray) in Jesus’ Name. We are even told in John 15:21 that we will persecuted for His Name’s sake. “Well, Brother, I’m a believer and I’m not being persecuted for His Name’s sake!” Well, you must not be using the authority that is in that Name! No, you won’t be persecuted in this country for being a “normal” church going Christian. But, start using the authority that is yours through Jesus’ Name – then is when they call you a nut, a fanatic, and whatever else. Believers that use their authority through Jesus’ Name are the Bible norm, not someone that just warms a pew! We have been given a precious privilege – let’s use it!

Items of Interest in This Issue

Invitation to the Spirit of Faith Seminar at Faith Revival Center in Lexington, NC… Invitation to the Word of Faith Satellite presentation of the 1983 Southwest Believer’s Convention with Kenneth Copeland at Taylors Grove Church… Radio Program Invitation… Itinerary

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